Our verdict on the Verstappen/Hamilton British GP crash and what happens next in F1 2021

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Jorge Neves
Jorge Neves 3 uur geleden
Had this happened the other way around, you Brits would be screaming bloody murder....
Basel Brush
Basel Brush 3 uur geleden
Hamilton's fault all day , I think its getting to him that max is the better driver!
Andreas Steinhart
Andreas Steinhart 4 uur geleden
Why have almost 6000 people disliked this video?
bmvellacott 6 uur geleden
This video is BS - I’m British and to me it’s clear Hamilton is to blame. And for Lewis to say Max drove into him makes it all the worse seeing how far he was from the racing line. TBH it looked to me like Lewis took Max out on purpose. Thank God Max is ok!
butterbrod 8 uur geleden
5.8k dislikes oooh controversy i love it
Kervneel "KEV" Narayan
Kervneel "KEV" Narayan 11 uur geleden
This isn't right. Hamilton has done this time and time again with Alexander Albon, and now he is practicing that move with Max Verstappen and this can get some seriously hurt or in a position that Roman Grosjean has been in.
edward toner
edward toner 12 uur geleden
Mercedes needs on improving it's engine power , Verstappen must be educated into letting the other drivers drive . Verstappen's team need to watch what they say .
Zareer Wadia
Zareer Wadia 16 uur geleden
That was just a racing incident why was it blown out of proportion, I do not agree to the penalty given. Isn't that exactly what F1 wants in 2022, closer racing........ among drivers then why this contradiction.
Edgar Axtli
Edgar Axtli 18 uur geleden
"Sir Hamilton" isn't much of a gentleman is he? He almost killed Verstappen.
Rock girl
Rock girl 19 uur geleden
Neither driver was at fault for that incident it was a tyre failure lol
theygunaHATEME 22 uur geleden
These idiots are speaking shit, verstapen gave him a mile. Lol
Pat Scally
Pat Scally 22 uur geleden
British commenters excusing a British driver at the British GP. Did anyone really expect objectivity?
Sleeping Warrior
Sleeping Warrior Dag geleden
Its just like when Senna (the puppy) pulled across Prost (the veteran) and Senna was blamed for tuning in..... Prost was the victim. How can this be any different?
Newton Forrest
Newton Forrest Dag geleden
Max is a great driver,he has come a long way, and will improve even more in another year.I surely respect them both,that was a racing incident,no driver wants to crash at 180 mph. I have seen a lot of mistakes in this sport,this is just another one "horner"wake up,put on your glasses have another LOOK move on. .
Rock girl
Rock girl 19 uur geleden
Just ask Bottas, he said it wasn't a penalty. When you cut across a corner and another car then end up in the wall after making contact, why do drivers say 'it was my corner
Stickman 1989
Stickman 1989 Dag geleden
If the situation had been reversed, I highly, highly doubt Verstappen would have given in either, we have watched him for years at this point and he is way too aggressive for that. Was Hamilton wrong to do it? Probably. Was it a taste of Verstappen's own medicine for him? Definitely.
ZORAY ZAIR0 Dag geleden
I mean we are talking about Lewis Hamilton out of all people.
Phobos 21
Phobos 21 Dag geleden
Stop blaming F1 for behavior of individuals, F1 should do nothing about those recist morans, it have nothing to do with it
faisal nur
faisal nur Dag geleden
We knew max is bully and aggressive n Lewis is calm but but reality Lewis is street fighter and looks boxer n max soft crashtapen/ cry kid pretending to be bully
Wendy Bradford
Wendy Bradford Dag geleden
The best comment I read pinned under a Max post went like this. Look son you played chicken with a 7 times world champion and lost. I'm glad you are ok but please learn from this. 😁
George Thomas
George Thomas Dag geleden
Yes nasty
David Seib
David Seib Dag geleden
Hamilton turned his cheek not once, not twice but thrice. Why didn't Max realise that Hamilton wasn't going to back out for a fourth time, especially at his home Grand Prix?
music videos
music videos Dag geleden
Keep doing what you doing lewis, love 💙
Travis Hanner
Travis Hanner Dag geleden
Didn't Lewis have to take "evasive action" a turn it two before the contact, and #2, if it was intentional, didn't Lewis take a Hell of a risk at damaging the front wing, or the left front suspension?? Lewis is a human being...is it POSSIBLE that he just made a mistake, am error in judgement??
ANTI FASCISM Dag geleden
I was listening to your clearly orchestrated debate trying to appear balanced until after 2:10 when you alluded to the fact Verstappen had a healthy lead in the points but then you said Redbull had a faster car in race trim... who are you trying to fool? Are you Hamilton's advocate? Make no mistake you know deep down the Mercedes at Silverstone at least was the quicker car, especially in race trim, look at Perez's pace all weekend, Hamilton could have avoided the crash but he aligned his front wheels to Verstappen's rear, and as for understeer that's complete bs, against Leclerc later on with worn cut tyres he could position his car on the curbs right on the apex as he wished, it was easy for him, this here was deliberate I think you know that deep within yourself, stop lying.
CL Dan
CL Dan Dag geleden
Mikko: Max got juked and barely gave enough room but that being said they were damn near even approaching turn 9! Lewis didn't slide in an understeer condition into Max! Max turned twice turning right and the second steering input was the cause of the collision! The Mercedes tires weren't understeering but the RBR car was turned into the Mercedes!
mircea miclos
mircea miclos Dag geleden
Brits defending a torpedo brit . A bit of Pirelli investing themselves. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
No.Limitts Mussbuss
No.Limitts Mussbuss 2 dagen geleden
Lewis of the inside lane so stop picking on lewis the person with choose where and when if you want to slow down or speed up
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 2 dagen geleden
Crashes, driver rivalry, a Brit winning the British GP. = Promoter Heaven..
Damo's Entertainment
Damo's Entertainment 2 dagen geleden
Just ask Bottas, he said it wasn't a penalty. When you cut across a corner and another car then end up in the wall after making contact, why do drivers say 'it was my corner whats wrong with that guy?' just because they had a nose in front of the other guy. Come on guys it's a race and it was probably the only opportunity for Lewis to pass Max so he needed to really try to pass there and then. Both drivers knew this and were extra determined so then you get a racing incident. Simple.
Migell Wedderburn
Migell Wedderburn 2 dagen geleden
Hammer, if you are reading these threads, do not give a millimeter in these battles!!! Just be cautious and remain vigilant that you are not just racing the drivers, but also the bias of the stewards and maybe the FIA too.
WebServer Verse
WebServer Verse 2 dagen geleden
Needs to be a 3 strike policy for racing incidents between two specific drivers or teams. If it is going to be a systemic issue both should be disqualified from the season. Last thing we need is a pile up on the track because two people have too big of egos to give way for another
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 2 dagen geleden
With all the weaving that was going on before the incident, I'm not surprised it happened. Max was doing everything he could do to block on the straights. I think once Hamilton
David Witts
David Witts 2 dagen geleden
Good analysis
Rana R
Rana R 2 dagen geleden
Although Hamilton was very aggressive, Max should have stayed away from him so as to get another change to take him on later in the race. Out of the race has given Hamilton a chance to get closer to Max in points. Alternatively, Hamilton could have done so too; and avoided the crash. It's hoped that young, and rather inexperienced, Max would have learned from such incidents -keep your powder dry!.
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 2 dagen geleden
Another biased video by English “reporters”. Most biased in the world. LH made a dangerous imposible move that could have killed his rival, 10 seconds is a joke.
James Lochridge
James Lochridge 2 dagen geleden
The penalty was too lenient it should have been a minimum of 10 sec stop and go. For Hamilton to take out another driver then win the race was wrong.
Andy Glastonbury
Andy Glastonbury 8 uur geleden
Oh dear, clearly you haven’t watch much motor sport previously. Firstly it’s very rare for a driver to deliberately take out another driver in open wheel racing (this isn’t BTCC or NASAR,, or Banger racing) simply because it usually results in both drivers going off. Secondly the penalty wasn’t to leanest. It was the same as the one received by Vettel when he deliberately rammed Hamilton’s car at Baku - when they were following the safety car, Hamilton was very fortunate to survive the incident. The facts that he was able to recover the 10 seconds and win, simply demonstrates just how good he is.
Alex Brown
Alex Brown 2 dagen geleden
You have summed up my stance on this really well. As a Hamilton fan i concede he was more at fault but I think there are so many more factors. Not much mention has been made to the weaving max was slinging down the straights. I’d love to see another piece of the further fallout and comments from red bull.
Christopher Bernhardt
Christopher Bernhardt 2 dagen geleden
I don't think that Hamilton is to blame at all. Hamilton was in the lead, Max has been completely aggressive all year. Hamilton was pushed too far into the inside with how heavy they were, and their speed. Max needed to calm down and pass in a straighter area, especially when full.
RadioReprised 2 dagen geleden
Lewis didn't want to touch Max at that speed, knowing He would damage his car or crash himself. Max chose to pinch the line with Lewis inside and in the end it's a racing incident. I think a five second penalty would be the most Lewis should receive if any at all. Lewis had enough position to justify the attempt, and Max had the position to arc wider through the corner and chose not to. They were RACING! Decisions were made and moves executed at speeds that meant a few inches wrong and you lose.
f c
f c 2 dagen geleden
Clear Verstappen fault. He's cutting in front hitting Lewis's wheel in a clear move from the left to the right. There is no movement from the right to the left from Hamilton's car. Relative movement of the cars gives here the judgement. Max's car trajectory finds Lewis's already there = 100% Verstappen's blame. Unfortunately, Lewis got 10s Verstappenalty.
f c
f c Dag geleden
@mircea miclos Sa nu uitam de unde am plecat si ce scoala am facut, si ca suntem ceva mai greu de fraierit. 🇲🇩😜
mircea miclos
mircea miclos Dag geleden
Torpedo Hamilton 🎯
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 2 dagen geleden
Is everyone forgetting that Max earned the moniker 'Crashstappen ' because of his aggressive, balls to wall, out of my way racing style? When he goes psycho aggressive, most drivers back of, not this time
lippieafca 9 uur geleden
Just look @his penalty points on his licence
lexbbang 2 dagen geleden
At no point was hamilton in front of verstappen. Sticking your nose up next to someone for a half a second (but still not actually side by side, clearly behind if you check vertsappens onboard camera) at a ridiculous speed that causes you to t-bone the driver in front of you that is on the racing line cannot be defended. I look forward to the rest of the season where it is now apparently clear that all drivers are free to stick part of their car into the space at whatever speed they like and just expect the corner to be relinquished and if you happen to put the other guy into a wall at 300 kph its fine, its just a racing incident.
Yvonne Pingleton
Yvonne Pingleton 2 dagen geleden
I'm sure Lewis had all the time in the world going a hundred miles an hour, with 20 other cars trying to drive up his bum to think about all this crap you people had time to think about. It's always easier to criticize when your not the one in the situation. Soooooo... shut up.
Yvonne Pingleton
Yvonne Pingleton 2 dagen geleden
Lewis just did what the other drivers are scared to do because they know Max will wreck them out to stay in front.
Eckoes 2 dagen geleden
It was a case of Lewis learning from the sprint race and the fact for the first time in a long time he has the slower car. when you have the slower car you have to be aggressive or you lose your chance, such was the case in the sprint and I think Lewis realized this and so was not afraid to go aggressive the second time around
Joke Brouwer
Joke Brouwer 3 dagen geleden
yawn -- a bunch of hamilton acolytes quasi-analysing the crash... let's wait till max understeers into LH and make him fly off the track
faisal nur
faisal nur Dag geleden
Trust me 9 of 10 Lewis Will win cuz of Lewis is street fighter n looks boxer with getto attitude max soft pretending to be bully
Brian Barr
Brian Barr 3 dagen geleden
With all the weaving that was going on before the incident, I'm not surprised it happened. Max was doing everything he could do to block on the straights. I think once Hamilton got a nose in he decided to hold his line and whatever happens, will happen. Max came across Lewis a small bit to pinch Lewis off probably expecting Lewis to back out and Lewis was like, nope.
Paulapa Cham
Paulapa Cham 3 dagen geleden
Sir Lewis Hamilton 🇬🇧👍
M T 3 dagen geleden
Hitting the apex of a corner with zero margin has never ever been a thing. This kind of talk about hitting an apex only ever becomes relevant in an extreme situation like Austria 2016 where Rosberg deliberately ran deep, missing the apex completely, and parked his car so that Hamilton couldn't turn in. The stewards ruling in Silverstone is just absolute nonsense and unfortunately its another one of those situations where it gives all the people who are super critical of Hamilton, just because of his existence, licence to throw more rocks from their glass houses. Hamilton wins the inside line just like he's entitled to do so and at no point does he start wildly veering out towards Verstapppen. He takes the corner with induced, controlled understeer to dictate the line that Max has to go around him but Max made the situation look 10x worse than it was when he turned into a car that was already there. Honestly, people are acting like Hamilton lost control of his car and wildly under steered to the outside part of the track punting Max off. Its insane. Hamilton stays about 1-2 meters from the inside line the whole time and at no point starts sliding further away until Max turns in and destabilizes Hamilton's car by making contact with him. Max literally had about 2/3rds of the race track on his outside to play with. Hamilton did not deviate outwards towards Verstappen. There are plenty of relevant F1 insider's including past and presant drivers who see sense on the matter and call it a racing incident
Jamie Cliffe
Jamie Cliffe 3 dagen geleden
What an absolutely brilliant, informed and balanced discussion. Well done guys, great to finally watch someone explaining this incident with some sensibility, rather than the usual twaddle we get on here, throwing things at each other. You should be on mainstream 👍
iso_racer 3 dagen geleden
I mean, both Hamilton and Albon collisions got 5-second penalties. So I think there is some precedence for the penalty. And to those who say that the penalty wasn't lenient, look at Russia and Italy last year, where Hamilton got 10-second penalties and they ruined his race. The penalty was fair but Lewis put in a fantastic drive. And this is coming from someone who wants Max to win the championship.
maurice moore
maurice moore 3 dagen geleden
Hamilton can not beat Verstappen now he hasn't got a faster car wait till Ferrari wake up
Liberal Democrat
Liberal Democrat 3 dagen geleden
You're full of sheet, Verstappen clearly cut in front of Hamilton and he deserved to be out of the race
Malcolm Middleton
Malcolm Middleton 3 dagen geleden
Red Bull were running away with the championship, Hamilton was looking tired, Mercedes were looking tired, AND it's a home Grand Prix. Mercedes HAD to save face and make a statement otherwise 2021 was virtually OVER. Hamilton and Wolff decided enough was enough, they were going to get tough and get right in Verstappen's face and WHATEVER Mercedes were going to end the first lap ahead. Hamilton thought it was job done at the start but Max shut the door, and a few corners later the same again. Now as they go down towards Copse line astern imagine what was going through Hamilton's mind as he knows thousands of British fans are screaming his name. He knows the risks of gambling at this corner, he's seen many a great driver go off there. He knows it could finish either of their races or maybe both, he also knows someone could get seriously hurt, BUT, considering all the above he has NO choice, he HAS to gamble, he HAS to take the risk and suffer the glory or the consequences. The rest... is HISTORY.
Tom Neidher
Tom Neidher 3 dagen geleden
Finally Verstappen got to taste his own medicine. He NEVER deserves to be F1 champion !! NEVER. He is the dirtiest driver in F1 history. Go back to the GT Sport game !!
Guy Taglit
Guy Taglit 3 dagen geleden
You are biased, but it is understandable...
Dirk Louw
Dirk Louw 3 dagen geleden
B Loots Mall's 🤮 B Loots Motorsport 🤮
Dirk Louw
Dirk Louw 3 dagen geleden
wolf and hamilton can't loose they are not sportsman. Mercedes team is a sick team and I would not missing them if they disappear from earth.
Rocky Greenham
Rocky Greenham 3 dagen geleden
Verstappen is a great driver but a very dangerous driver. It was he who caused the problem by cutting in, well done Lewis for not backing down.
lou kush
lou kush 3 dagen geleden
yeah, because shamilton never found the rear wheel of a red bull before, right? lost all credibility with this one.
AlohaPigeons 3 dagen geleden
Did Lewis turn into Max? Since when do you follow the radius of a turn at the entry of the corner. If you turn in on someone you get spun, end of story. You don’t get a pass because you think you’re tuff and can do anything you want on the track with no consiquences. They both entered the corner at the same speed side by side. There was no last minute lunge on Max or running him off the track but quite the opposite. If you want a precession then keep penalizing racing.
Algeria Power hosse
Algeria Power hosse 3 dagen geleden
Is the fult of lh
Algeria Power hosse
Algeria Power hosse 3 dagen geleden
This n 1 bull shit
Mmmm 3 dagen geleden
Listening and viewing more is at slow speed You try racing Formula 1 at there speeds Most people can’t drive on normal roads. Why not penalise big dollars and the money could go to Charity. The drivers will think twice when it affects their pay.
Ihuoma O
Ihuoma O 3 dagen geleden
Max and Redbull should quit whining.
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez 3 dagen geleden
Time for Max to follow Rosberg...Lewis pushed his car into Max direction...he had space on the inside...why he did not went closed to the kerbs...there was a lot of space there...this was a nearly fatal move
sannio komi
sannio komi 3 dagen geleden
Thank you for the measured analysis. Hotting up for a great battle.
Jose Izquierdo
Jose Izquierdo 3 dagen geleden
Obviously Hamilton wasnt turning into the Apex he was blocking Max from getting ahead . its the drivers responsibility to control his vehicle , Hamilton was going too fast to make the proper apex he didnt even try turning into the Apex for that matter , you Fan boys can keep ignoring this fact the reality is he got penalized for it by the Professionals hes at fault .
stevans77 3 dagen geleden
Waffle not a clue
Mark Frankham
Mark Frankham 3 dagen geleden
Copse should be renamed Hamilton's...along with the Hamilton straight 🙂. How blessed are we to breath the same air of a living legend such as Sir Lewis Hamilton 🙏🙂
Storm Leibbrandt
Storm Leibbrandt 3 dagen geleden
Hahaha, my dad calls him crashtappen 😂😂😂
Hockey guy
Hockey guy 4 dagen geleden
Lewis is to good for it to be a racing incident. Read what you will from that....
Darren Jardine
Darren Jardine 4 dagen geleden
44 has opened the door for 33 to the same, reward versus punishment? 44 moved to within eight points of 33, having been 32 behind at the start of the weekend I fully expect even more fireworks moving forward. Red Bull failing to score at all in the British Grand Prix, Mercedes now sit just four points behind.
Dino Bruschi
Dino Bruschi 4 dagen geleden
My gut feeling is that Hamilton touched Verstappen's rear wheel with the intent of spinning him out. Watch chase footage of cops in the USA and see how they make someone fleeing in a vehicle spin and stop. Exactly the same technique. Hamilton needed to be in front at the end of the 1st lap; Verstappen touched Hamilton's front left wheel 2 or 3 corners prior to the accident; Hamilton had plenty of room to slow down and cut into the corner. Hamilton knew exactly what he was doing. My guess is that he had had enough of being bullied by Verstappen, and he took the unprecedented decision to spin Max out. Hamilton was teaching Max a lesson. Had he died, ........
BeGenius 4 dagen geleden
a lot of mental gymnastics, fact is, lewis shouldnt have been there + missing the apex with low grip due to dirty road and 2 much speed. hit his left front to rear back. shouldve been a pitstop start for him tbh. as he was able to repair during the red flag.
Mbogo Kuria
Mbogo Kuria 4 dagen geleden
Blame squarely lays on Max. He is extremely aggressive and has no respect for the other competitors
jeff smallwood
jeff smallwood 4 dagen geleden
Move on and get over it! I’m not for Hamilton, but it was a racing incident!
Gary Bonham
Gary Bonham 4 dagen geleden
Bullshit, Verstappen is ahead. Rules are clear. Hamilton has to back off.
Garage Spot
Garage Spot 4 dagen geleden
Of course the limes take Lewis H. side
Leo nard
Leo nard 4 dagen geleden
L. Hamilton asked M. Schumacher before the race how eliminates M. Verstappen.
Bazwelle 4 dagen geleden
Excellent discussion guys!
Leonardo Zangani
Leonardo Zangani 4 dagen geleden
I stopped watching Formula One after more than 30 years. I can not accept that for the "glory" of Hamilton we have to tribute Black Life Matter before each race. I can not justify this action . What about other race lives? did not count?
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 4 dagen geleden
Bull fool
David Johnson
David Johnson 4 dagen geleden
Every single current driver on the grid, did not go against the Fia's decison, but they all understand the track, cars and rules. They have all said racing incident, trying to cast blame is like pissing in the wind, it can go in any direction. The only thing I would say to angry Max fans is, Red faced and orange t shirts will never be the new black, it is best to stand back and watch Lewis attack.
John Roy
John Roy 4 dagen geleden
Didn’t Toto say Max was one DNF away from losing the lead?????.. I think When Lewis is losing, all the rules are out the window.. Imagine what F1 would look like if everyone reacted like Lewis did? That’s what the penalty was about.
Schumy 7
Schumy 7 4 dagen geleden
This has concerns for Verstappens pace perhaps this season.
Mason 4 dagen geleden
Christian Horner at previous GPs: "Thank God Lewis backed out, otherwise he would've ended in a fence" Silverstone 2021: *Lewis doesn't back out Christian Horner: "LEWIS IS A DESPERATE AMATEUR!!!"
101 on ARSENAL
101 on ARSENAL 4 dagen geleden
you know what's funny, few have judged Max for seeing Hamilton's front wing on his right side, and turning into it when he could have gone wide. in this picture you can see Max saw Lewis pull up along the inside, and Max didn't want to give up the position and hoped that Lewis would pulled out. if you play with fire, your going to get burnt.
TheFoxhole78 Dag geleden
@woof woof , dude I'm no fan of Hamilton either, but there was more to it than Hamilton deciding hey I will punt him off the track and hope I survive, they both had their part to play in it, and if you look at turn 1 at the start verstappen is on the outside of the curb on the astro turf, all 4 wheels are past the curb, but that's just based on what I could see from one of the replays I watched, but I think to say the incident is solely one drivers fault is extremely biased, maybe Hamilton should have been made to start at the back of the field for his part, I don't know
woof woof
woof woof Dag geleden
@TheFoxhole78 you’re telling lies only 2 wheels left the track. fvck dude is there like a discord where you guys work on the narrative n talking points before you astroturf everywhere
TheFoxhole78 Dag geleden
Its also funny how everyone has ignored verstappen maintaining his position by leaving the track earlier in the lap and no one bats an eye, now my understanding is if you maintain position or gain one by leaving the track, you need to give the position up/back, but that's my understanding of the rules and if he had fixed that issue he may not been in the position to wipe himself out the way he did
thecraggrat 2 dagen geleden
@woof woof Not at all, Hamilton may have been *understeering*, but given that the radius of his car through the corner was constant and he wasn't moving towards Verstappen (check out the in car video to see), this looks much more like a controlled drift round the corner aiming for a better exit than Verstappen.
woof woof
woof woof 3 dagen geleden
lewis missed the apex/understeered he's 100% @fault
scarshotsTV 4 dagen geleden
Since when do you not race during a race
Osita Eugene
Osita Eugene 4 dagen geleden
Very objective viewpoints that I've listened to. Good job guys.
Magda 4 dagen geleden
which cerebrations my .....so Lewis would have not waved to the crowds, so Lewis would have said no i wont drive?>>> the guy MAX is a pushy on the track,
mukk jos
mukk jos 4 dagen geleden
the penalty given was ridiculously small
John Peck
John Peck 4 dagen geleden
you keep telling us verstappen as no fear but as fi goes he is a poor driver doesn't seem to use his mirrors much ie seven times all his fault and will do anything to win he left that gap to try to take hamilton out but ; hamilton kept his line another mirror job
Russell Poinsetta
Russell Poinsetta 4 dagen geleden
Let's hope that cooler heads prevail. Two great drivers that are competitive and each with techniques that bring a history of past races to bear.
thejudge 1897
thejudge 1897 4 dagen geleden
In my opinion Lewis has backed out of quite a few moments where Max has really gone for it and Lewis has let him go and tried to play the long game. I think it finally came to a head where Lewis thought 'you know what I'm fed up of backing out - this guy is super aggressive and he needs to learn that he can't just bully everyone into moving out the way'. It was Lewis putting his foot down and telling Max he won't be bullied and disrespcted and Max will now know that if he doesn't give more room and respect then there will be a collision. It feels to me like Max feels he has the god given right to be first and that he's better than everyone else and everyone should yield. This is great for the sport and I think the powers that be are going to have their hands full controlling the situation. Finally some drama and entertainment!
Peter Kitts
Peter Kitts 4 dagen geleden
This is what Verstappen has done all season - putting his car in such a position that it puts all the onus on the other driver to avoid a collision. So far Hamilton has played the longer game and this time he didn't. For me, Max got what was coming to him.
Yourcall 4 dagen geleden
Like clockwork: Heavily Bri'sh accent, oi nanana racing incident innit? Fuck off.
Babar Asghar
Babar Asghar 4 dagen geleden
Leclares was in similar situation, he is a much smarter guy than Max, he backedout and avoided collision and ended up finishing the race instead of being in the gravel or worst. But then again we are in no position to dictate these drivers how to behave, they are much more smarter than us and they know the sports better than anyone else, so atleast I personally won't say how Max or Hamilton should have behaved at that time, because I can never make a sounder judgement than those two. It's a shame that a respectful and competitive rivalry between both have ended on such a sad incident from where there will be no turning back. It will only result in emotional decisions from now on which mostly are wrong. I enjoyed every second of Max Vs Hamilton rivalry uptill that moment, now it's a full on war n we saw what such things do great champions like Vettel n Alonso when they are not enjoying the sport n making emotional moves. Max I wish wins this year n it's his moment n he should move on and concentrate on the end result but it will be very hard to do that but still I hope. Toto please give Hamilton an improved car or u will destroy a great human being if he is any more frustrated than this. Not having a competitive car is truly frustrating and for a winner like Hamilton it's truly a huge change.
Danijel Gajta
Danijel Gajta 4 dagen geleden
Hamilton lowers, Max was in front, so fault belong to Hamilton he know that this is only way how to win against Max crash him or kill him whateve... he do that. Stop support Hamilton bcs he is englishmen????? and he must win and take everything woow..... penalty is not good that he get and this is truth. If i am MAX i will be revange for sure, but i thing Max will show him more and better way to blame him enough in batles.....
Babar Asghar
Babar Asghar 4 dagen geleden
Collisions are part of competitive racing, when both drivers won't yield or back out at a corner, a collision is a result 100%. It's no one's fault, I don't know why people are making it such a big issue. We see almost every race someone in middle or end having similar accidents, I don't see anyone discussing them so much, are their lives less precious than race leaders? This is absolutely unprofessional to make so much noise, Hamilton got punished, 10 seconds in F1 is a huge thing, but him coming back from that penalty n winning just added fuel to Red Bull's fire. I don't know who else on the track is capable to do such a thing in with that car so respect for Hamilton on that. Red bull is obviously furious but there should be some respect for Stewarts decisions n judgements.
Jonathon Graham
Jonathon Graham 4 dagen geleden
We get two Dutchmen doing the same programme and the result would be quite different. Hamilton was at fault in that he had no right to compromise Verstappens line in a precision 300Kmh corner. Max was in front. Max owns the corner, Lewis was at fault, penalty was pathetically inadequate.
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KA - Op De Strip (prod. Keyser Soze)
Hella Cash
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Memphis Depay Barcelona Debut (24/07/2021)
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This Is SO SMART!!! 😂 #shorts
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JETSKI WAX PRANK!! 🤣 - #Shorts
Julius Dein
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Dit zijn de Beste Zangers van 2021!