The LPN05Fan
The LPN05Fan 5 uur geleden
I like that the Title Fight is close again because of the decision, I still think it's not harsh enough and so I'm sideing with Red Bull
Indica Dreamer
Indica Dreamer 5 uur geleden
It's all in Max's cockpit footage, Max turned in to the corner, For a fraction of a second Max straightened up when he saw Lewis alongside, signalling to Lewis he was backing out. Max then turned back into Lewis, Lewis tried to back out when he did, Red Bull should feel lucky Lewis was penalised at all.
Jan Everse
Jan Everse 5 uur geleden
Max will drive him in a tree if he can.
Giorgio Galvani
Giorgio Galvani 6 uur geleden
Andrea Moda, an italian team in 90s ... did you remember @therace ?
NM-1-M 6 uur geleden
Can u imagine horners moaning if Max was on the inside and got a penalty
Gerry McDaniel
Gerry McDaniel 6 uur geleden
Sorry Christian Horner. You've really gone down in my estimations. Nothing but a racing incident. Unfortunately an expensive repair bill. Glad Max is OK. He took hell of a hit.
Pag Pag
Pag Pag 6 uur geleden
Well, Hamilton would never had made the corner without the contact, so he should get a point penalty for taking out a rival
Emil Engdahl
Emil Engdahl 6 uur geleden
Bro, RedBull should move on
Mohd Hazrul Azman Zakaria
Mohd Hazrul Azman Zakaria 6 uur geleden
If the 10sec penalty favours the Red Bull and both LH & VB fail to score any points surely they will stop complaining.
Year Zero
Year Zero 6 uur geleden
How could the teams "move on" when RB has to cough up nearly $2mil while Hamilton had a 10 second penalty? Doesn't seem balanced. The fact that Hamilton still won shows how lenient that penalty was.
Indica Dreamer
Indica Dreamer 5 uur geleden
Watch Max's cockpit footage on here. Max turns in, sees Lewis alongside, Max straightens up for half a second, signalling to Lewis he was backing out, before then turning back into Lewis, who actually did try to bail out. Red Bull were lucky there was a penalty at all. Give any other driver a 10 second pen and they'd come near last, Lewis dealt with it and drove to win.
Stretcherbearer 6 uur geleden
What an utter load of minutiae for F-1 to get its panties in such a wad over, it was nothing more than a racing incident, happens quite a bit in all forms of racing.
akshay k
akshay k 6 uur geleden
Because it destroyed ther car